MOORESVILLE – D&H Heat Tech and Kenny Components completed a project using Koolmat Insulation laid into carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is strong and light, but has no ability to stop heat. Using Koolmat’s proprietary insulation, made of cured Owens Corning fiberglass/silicone, the thin, tacky surfaced material is embedded into the base of the carbon fiber material. It is an extremely promising option for teams and builder who want to continue to use light weight carbon fiber while controlling extreme heat at the same time. Koolmat Insulation has a 1200 degrees Fahrenheit side (white/fiberglass) which faces the heat with the cool side (gray/silicone) facing up to protect the driver’s feet and legs. The material can be added to the bottom of many products to stop heat, floor pan, dry sump, air cleaner, cool boxes or whatever object you choose. The Koolmat is madge of 60” or 30” wide pieces that can be purchased any length. For more information, call 704-662-9099 or visit

Koolmat 1

Koolmat 2