Who We Are

At NCMA, we are dedicated to championing motorsports in North Carolina. Providing industry professionals, enthusiasts, and fans with the resources, support, and community they need to pursue their passion for motorsports. Learn more about our mission, leadership, and vision.


Mission Statement

Proactively promote causes and programs important to members. Provide legislative and regulatory representation for members at both the state and local levels. Support economic impact studies and awareness of the financial impact of the motorsports industry. Serve as a clearinghouse for information related to motorsports in North Carolina. Secure assistance and training for NCMA members through relationships with universities, community colleges and technical schools.


Our organization is governed by a diverse board of directors who represent a broad cross-section of the state’s motorsports industry. Meet our leaders and learn more about their vision for the future of North Carolina motorsports.


Our vision is to advance and promote the motorsports industry in North Carolina by providing leadership, advocacy, and resources for industry professionals, enthusiasts, and fans.