CHARLOTTE, NC – Lauri Eberhart, formerly the General Counsel and VP Communications of Speedway Motorsports  (NYSE:  TRK)  and  Executive  Vice  President  of  Charlotte  Motor  Speedway  has  joined the  practice  of entertainment attorney  Melinda  Morris  Zanoni  to  create  Apollo  Sports &  Entertainment  Law  Group.  Apollo Law Group will be unique to the extended region as one of very few law practices focusing on sports and entertainment law.


While  at  Speedway  Motorsports  and  Charlotte  Motor  Speedway,  Lauri  participated  in capital raising  and  acquisitions  valued  in  excess  of  $5  billion.    Lauri  has  also  held  the  positions  of VP  Marketing  of  Richmond  International  Raceway and  Director  of  Sales  for  NASCAR Hall of Fame.  In 2007, she was awarded the Charlotte Businesswoman of the Year  Award and in 2004 the Business North Carolina Legal Elite Award.  Lauri is a Board Member of  the  NC  Motorsports  Association  and  the  NC  Motorsports  Foundation.   She speaks  on topics such as “Sponsorship Agreements in NASCAR,” is a frequent guest host on WBT`AM 1110 The Keith Larson Show, and is a legal columnist for National Speed Sport News.  She received  her  law  degree  from  Wake  Forest  University  School  of  Law  where  she  cofounded  the  Sports  and Entertainment  Law  Association.   Lauri  represents  a  variety  of  sports  clients  including racecar  drivers,  sports properties and facilities, and media personalities.


Melinda Morris Zanoni’s primary areas of practice are entertainment and sports law with an  emphasis  on  advising  and  managing  the  business  and  legal  affairs  of  celebrities, athletes,  musicians,  authors,  actors,  artists,  screenwriters,  television  shows,  and entertainment companies. She has led transactions for celebrity endorsements, licensing deals, publishing and recording deals, talent agreements, and Fortune 500 sponsorships, as  well  as  serving  as  production  counsel  for  feature  length films  and  television  shows.


Melinda  is  a  member  of  the  NCBA  Sports  &  Entertainment  Council  and  is  the  Adjunct  Professor  of  Entertainment  Law  at  Charlotte  School  of  Law.    Melinda is  a  sought  after speaker  on  the topics  of  “Sports  and  Entertainment  Law”  and  “Film  Finance.”  Prior  to founding Apollo  Law Group,  Melinda  was  an  attorney  with  Nelson  Mullins  Riley  & Scarborough, LLP and Fagel & Haber (Chicago, IL).  Her clients include some of the area’s highest profile athletes and celebrities and hit television shows.


“Lauri  will  be a  great  addition  to our law  group. Her tremendous experience  and existing relationships  will  bring added depth to our sports practice,” says Melinda. “Charlotte is a sports town and also has a growing entertainment scene. Our goal is to become the region’s premiere sports and entertainment law firm by combining our experience in the complex and rapidly shifting areas of sports and entertainment.”  Lauri adds, “With our unique approach to business, our goal is to provide expedient, cost`effective, relationship`driven legal and business advice to our clients.


By joining Melinda and leveraging our combined areas of concentration we will be geared toward handling the very specific needs of sports and entertainment clients.”


About Apollo Sports & Entertainment Law Group:

Apollo Sports & Entertainment Law Group is one of very few firms in the extended region with a sports and entertainment law emphasis.  The  firm  represents  celebrities,  athletes,  musicians,  authors,  actors,  comedians, race  teams, sports  facilities, and television  and  film companies.  Transactions  include but  are  not  limited  to: endorsement  agreements, licensing  deals, artist recording agreements, publishing deals, production and distribution agreements, publicity agreements, employment agreements, talent agreements, and sponsorships.


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