Carbotech Performance Brakes

Carbotech Performance Brakes in Concord. Brake pads. Sound boring? It isn’t. Danny Puskar showed me around his shop and it was fascinating. Carbotech produces brakes and brake pads for cars competing in Grand Am, SCCA, World Challenge, Ferrari Challenge, European rally, and South African road racing to name a few.

The compounds used come from American companies and each box of Carbotech products has a “Made In USA” stamp. There are more than 2,000 different shapes of brake pads, and eight different compounds for different cars and types of racing.

Occasionally Danny will field an unusual request, like the customer who owned an antique tractor that needed new brakes. Could Carbotech help? You bet. The customer sent his old brakes shoes, and new pads were fitted.

Tractors, lawnmowers, military Hummers, fire trucks, vintage cars, you name it, they can help.

Motorsports is 85 percent of Carbotechs business. The other is made up mostly of club racers.

Not boring at all.

Corinne Economaki