CV Products, LLC announced today that it is moving forward with its new direction to place an increased focus on its various manufacturing businesses and the distribution of performance engine components located in Thomasville, NC. CV Products is successfully transitioning its Mooresville, NC store location and Professional Race Service (PRS) Trackside programs to SRI Supplies. The Mooresville facility and PRS programs specialize in chassis, suspension and trackside products for the racing industry. SRI Supplies will operate under a new name, SRI Performance beginning December 1st. This transition is being done seamlessly, without interruption to the customers.

Clyde Vickers stated “CV Products has been in business for 27 years supplying quality racing components to the performance industry. We fully intend to maintain our focus of outstanding customer service and competitive pricing. CV’s future emphasis will align with our heritage, the #1 Supplier of Racing Engine Products in the Industry. We are proud of our manufacturing achievements and the leading brands that we have built. We will now shift our focus to accelerating their growth.  It was important that we found someone to satisfy the racers needs for chassis parts, suspension parts and trackside supplies. Greg Fornelli and the SRI Performance team will do an excellent job in this regard.”

Greg Fornelli, the President of SRI stated, “With 20 years of experience in the motorsports distribution business, this opportunity is the next logical step in the evolution of Stock Car Steel & Aluminum and SRI. When Clyde announced that CV was exiting the chassis parts side of their distribution business, we immediately realized that a void would be created in the local and national market. Clyde and CV Products have built a stellar relationship with their customers over the years. We feel like combining the strengths of CV and SRI will lead to an overall increase in customer satisfaction and convenience.”

The SRI Performance store, located at 107 Overhill Dr., Mooresville, NC will open on December 1st 2015, with a focus on chassis parts and fabrication supplies. SRI Performance will attend its first trackside event December 2nd at 5 Flags Speedway for the 48th running of the Snowball Derby.

CV will continue operations from its 42 High Tech Blvd, Thomasville, NC location with a keen focus on supplying quality manufacturing capabilities and race engine related products to the performance racing community.

CV and SRI were built on racing solutions and customer service excellence. Both agree that this new direction will satisfy a common goal, helping the racing industry win.