You might think that accounting firms are dull, boring places peopled by tie-wearing, pocket-protected accountants who crunch numbers all day long.

Not at Dixon Hughes Goodman across from the SouthPark Mall. Go in and you see foosball, dartboards, whoopee cushions and handshake buzzers.

OK, I made that up.

Yet DHG is a pretty interesting place once you dial down into what the firm does. Like a lot of accounting firms, it has areas of expertise, and in this case, Dixon Hughes Goodman represents dealerships – automotive, heavy truck, heavy equipment and motorsports — in all 50 states. With more than 1,700 employees, and 30 offices in 11 states and the District of Columbia, DHG also counts the healthcare field among its specialties. Other areas in which the firm concentrates its abilities include financial institutions, government contracting, insurance, manufacturing and distribution, construction and real estate and not-for-profit and government.

All in all, it’s a pretty comprehensive resume. In addition to plain old taxes (remember, these are the folks who read all the tax codes so we don’t have to), DHG also offers services in the following areas: assurance; corporate governance; advisory (for example, OSHA compliance); mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; sales and use and property tax; fraud, forensic and litigation support; IT risk. If you don’t know what all that stuff means, the DHG staff will be happy to tell you.

If you think you can’t afford a big firm like DHG, think again. It’s worth speaking with someone who could at the very least offer some guidance on what you and your company might need. It might be the best hour you ever spent.

Many thanks to Kevin Dyck and John Snyder, Sr. for their time.

Corinne Economaki