Industrial Hard Carbon, in Denver, is a two-year-old successor to Anatech, which was formed in 1981. Owner George Barr told how the company got its start in motorsports. “In 1999 a Cup owner – who had two cars – had heard about ‘thin film’ in Europe used to coat wrist pins.” That was the start of Anatech’s introduction into automobile racing. Since then, the company has hard carbon-coated valve train components, transmission shifters, and suspension components. Its motorsports clients include NASCAR series’ teams, Sports Car Club of America teams, NHRA teams, Porsche Club members and drag boats.

The company also does industrial work for a variety of industries including medical instrumentation, oil and gas, printing, and aerospace.

IHC is in the process of completing its International Standards Organization 9001 certification. It’s an expensive investment that produces a significant return by validating the traceability of the company’s work.

IHC partners with its customers and the staff prides itself on the good relationship with manufacturers. There is a high level of inspection completed on all incoming material. The focus on what serves customers includes a high level of quality and engineering. The business is steady all year long as it works with motorsports teams whose logistics managers keep things moving along.
While the folks at IHC are understandably protective of the processes and equipment used, I can tell you that a private tour – after signing a non-disclosure agreement – was pretty darn interesting. Thanks to Carrie DiMarzo for her time. Visit their website here.

Corinne Economaki