Pro Cal Professional Decal

The folks at Pro Cal Professional Decals may be the only ones involved in motorsports who take their vacations during the busy racing months in the summer.   They’re busy now, getting decals and wraps ready for the NASCAR and other motorsports customers who are preparing for the new season, and they’ll stay busy through February.

Pro Cal recently added a location in Concord (its headquarters is in Rock Hill, S.C.) to better serve its motorsports clients. There are 30 employees – who have a combined 150-plus years of experience – across the two locations, and the firm is 30 years in the making. The Rock Hill location focuses on corporate fleets that include small local businesses and firms like CPI Security.

Pro Cal currently services five Cup teams, some Nationwide and Truck teams in NASCAR, as well as drag racing and Grand Am road racing teams. While some sponsors design wraps for cars,   Pro Cal also designs schemes with sponsor and team approval. The end result is a one-piece 3M vinyl “wrap” that covers the car nose to tail. Pro Cal has the rights to all the contingency decals so they too can be embedded into the design. In addition, Pro Cal makes all the General Motors head- and taillight decals and all the Chevy “bowties” used by teams in various motorsports applications.

Teams can wrap their own car, or the car can come to Pro Cal. It’s mostly show cars that are seen in the Pro Cal shop which sometimes get a “photo shoot” scheme wrap. Pro Cal technicians also go to the cars, and apply wraps in race shops.

Most teams going to Daytona, for example, have a primary and a backup wrap and one called a “truck spare,” which is right-side only since that’s the most likely damaged part of a car involved in a crash.

While visiting, the NASCAR media hauler was in the shop for a  facelift. It takes 20 to 30 hours to “unwrap” the tractor-trailer and another 40-50 to re-wrap; the rig will likely be there for a week.

It’s a far cry from the old days when all this was done by hand. To learn more, visit ProCal here. You can also visit Pro Cal’s Facebook page here.

Corinne Economaki