Touring the RoushYates facilities in Mooresville, N.C., with Jon Sands was a real treat. We spent a couple hours going through both engine shops (one for everything other than NASCAR, one for NASCAR), the RoushYates testing service (where you can find out what horsepower your car really produces) and the RoushYates Performance Products.

The engine shops (sorry, no photographs) were squeaky clean, organized to a military precision, and humming along with everything in its place. Did I mention they were clean? I’ve been in hospitals that weren’t that clean.

Each engine starts life as a tray of parts, and it makes its way through a team of specialists. Logs are kept, each part is noted, testing is rigorous, and failures are examined closely, whether they happen in-house during testing, or at track.

There are engines and engine prts and parts of engines everywhere.  And it’s clean too!

The photos are from the Performance Products and this is where the average racer can go to peruse the used parts on consignment from the Cup and other teams. This is where the gals can get a steering wheel actually used by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. or any other driver for that matter. The parts are floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Help is offered all day by knowledgeable staffers. The Performance Products division just produced its first print catalog and it website ( is another way to shop. Part of the shop is leased to Impact, so you can get your driver’s suit and other equipment too.

Corinne Economaki