Sandra Cunliffe describes the origins of DC Electronics as simply being in the right place at the right time 15 years ago.
Her husband, David, a member of the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force, spent his career working on the wiring and electrical systems of aircraft. When a friend asked him to create a wiring harness for his World Rally car, it was no surprise the results were a success. The couple started DC Electronics in 1997, and it has grown into a successful global business.
Producing high quality, reliable electrical systems for racing cars and high-performance vehicles, DCE products are used in all forms of championship auto racing including NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, World Rally, Superbike and sports car racing.

With NASCAR implementation of electronic fuel injections for the 2012 season, along with the ever-increasing expansion into North American motorsports, David and Sandra knew it was time to increase DCE’s presence in the United States. In May, DCE joined a growing contingent of U.K.-based companies to open production facilities in North Carolina. DCE opened its Mooresville location with a grand opening celebration on May 22 with members of the international motorsports community and NCMA on hand.

Both facilities are fully staffed and connected by a network interface. But nothing beats hands on time at each facility so Sandra and David have been logging frequent flier miles. They’ve learned the names of many international flight crews and have packing/customs/layovers down to a science. David has been averaging a visit to the U.S. once a month while Sandra visits every other month.

They have also learned to recognize, both in person and via Skype, when they have stumped their U.S. staff with British specific phrasing – something that sends Mooresville office manager Erica Dewey to Google several times a month. At the end of September, they hired Jack Hasting as the U.S. facility general manager.

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 Haven Kerchner