Being in business for 42 years is pretty special. Being in business for 42 years and experiencing growth every year but one is more than special. Goodridge Fluid Transfer Systems, a British company, has locations in seven countries with two locations in the United States, one of which is in Mooresville.

Jamie Ramsden took time to show me around the facility, and explained that the company splits its business among OEM (original equipment manufacturers), do-it-yourselfers and motorsports. It’s the motorsports aspect that is Jamie’s focus.

Even though Goodridge has been in the community for 15 years, the focus now is on customer service in the motorsports arena, with a planned increase on trackside support next year. Jamie says that for many years the performance plumbing system’s value was not appreciated, but when an increase in horsepower is proven, folks get on board. On board to the tune of a 50-percent increase in American business over the last three years.

Jamie says that Goodridge products are used in every professional level of motorsports, whether two- or four-wheel, in the world. Says quite a bit about the product.

The Mooresville operation currently has 15 employees with plans to hire additional production staff in the next 18 months. While Goodridge is traditionally known for flex hoses, it now produces hard hoses and hard-line flex combo hoses. You can see more by visiting The Mooresville facility is being outfitted with manual mill and lathes for one-off prototyping and tooling manufacturing. CNC equipment has been installed for short-runs parts manufacturing. All toward developing a local supply chain for motorsports prototypes and products and continuing Goodridge’s excellent customer service.

Corinne Economaki