G-Force Racing Gear is based in Atlanta, Ga., yet has a satellite office in the Speedway Towers at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Executive Account Manager Don Stodola has been administering G-Force programs from Concord since 2008.

A peek through G-Force’s catalogs shows helmets (not just helmets, but helmet bags, supports, restraints and shields), junior racing gear, racing shoes, harnesses, belts, window nets and other safety equipment. You can purchase nose-to-toes fire-retardant underwear as well. A big part of G-Force’s business, and Don’s job, is to cater to the fire and rescue teams at tracks around the country. Specializing in fire-retardant suits and apparel gives G-Force a leg up on the competition. A track safety worker program also falls under Don’s domain.

G-Force has relationships with a large percentage of tracks that host NASCAR Cup events, as well as the ARCA and NHRA series’ fire and safety crews. Materials that make up the fire and safety crew apparel is constantly being evaluated.

Growing up in the Upper Midwest, Don’s background in motorsports included helping various short-track racers tinker on their cars and eventually announcing at race tracks as well as being one of the founders of WISSOTA – a motorsports sanctioning body of oval track racing. Don’s travels took him to Atlanta, where he landed with G-Force, and eventually to Concord.

You don’t have to be here or Atlanta to buy G-Force. There are distributors all over the country and ordering online is easy. In addition to new products, G-Force offers certified pre-owned equipment as well as rewebbing services. Visit it here.


Corinne Economaki