Pat Hill, who owns KoolMat in Mooresville, says she works “with anyone who has a heat problem, from A to Z.”

The product with which she works most, Koolmat, is a high temperature composite insulation consisting of densified silicone, cured directly into the surface and weave of a fiberglass mat.

What is really important is that this material can withstand temperatures up to 2,500 degrees. That’s hot. It is 100 percent Owings Corning fiberglass and 100 percent Owens Corning silicone cooked to 1,000 degrees, which provides the heat resistance needed for Pat to manufacture her products, both custom and not.

Pat has been doing this kind of work for more than 20 years and has developed products for auto racing applications, industrial clients, various engine uses and more specifically for side exhausts for Cobras, Corvettes and T-Bucket cars.

The list of reasons to use Koolmat include:

               Lowers sound
               Abrasion and mildew resistant
               Flexible, easy to cut and install
               Fits under OEM carpeting
               Available in bulk or pre-cut kits
               Won’t peel, crack, dry out, or curl up

Some of the products are shoe boots (to keep driver’s feet cool), wire and ignition sleeving and starter covers (see photos), and turbo covers.

So how did Pat get started in all this? “I’m just a tomboy,” she says.


Corinne Economaki