Started in 2007 in Raleigh with four employees, JRi Shocks has been in Mooresville for the past few years. There are more than 75 employees now and more than 25 different  shock applications available. JRi builds custom shocks, and its shop crew handles a variety of shocks for different motorsport applications, from dragsters, to sprint cars, to late models and more. It also offers street model shocks. JRi Shocks now has a full line service shop for the motorcycle division.  This upgrade will allow customers to send their suspension components in for service or upgrade or bring their bike direct to JRi Shocks facility for the same services.

A large part of its business comes from NASCAR Cup teams, and it enjoys 20 percent of that market. In Nationwide, JRi has 70 percent of that market and 70 percent of the Truck market as well. It also serves the NASCAR K&N series’ teams.

JRi also offers outsourcing to teams that don’t have their own shock specialist.  JRi staff assists at track, and make sure each team stays within the legalities of the particular series in which they are competing.

Each specific type of shock has a market manager and two builders. There are pre-assemblers as well as parts staff and shippers in the shop. 

To see the entire product range, visit JRi here.

Corinne Economaki