January started Racing Electronic’s 25th year in business. According to Director of Motorsports Communications Services Kevin Hughes, it’s all because of owner Bruce Silver, whom Kevin refers to as “a visionary.”

 Two and a half decades ago, Bruce was selling high-end automobiles, and sold one to a gentleman who owned a race team. After attending an event with his new customer, Bruce had an idea…which ultimately led to Bruce’s first product, a scanner headset. One. Yes, he built one. Now, Racing Electronics offers lots more products, making RE North America’s largest supplier of its kind. RE is also the exclusive vendor to International Speedway Corp. race tracks.

The company services two distinct markets: professionals in the motorsports industry and fans. RE is the official radio of the NHRA, ARCA, Indy Car, ACT, PASS and more series. RE boasts building almost all its own product line, with some electronic work still being completed overseas. It is also capable of large-scale event rentals of 700 to 1,000 radios for entities that don’t have their own supply. RE keeps a 3,000-4,000-piece rental inventory in working order.

It is the place to go and have your custom earbuds made. The “ear lab” has three full-time employees, and it busy, busy, busy. A custom pair, for your Ipod or phone or helmet, can be had for $130. You just have to get squishy stuff squirted in your ear.

RE has 70 employees, 40 of which are full time. Customers can shop at the Concord location, on line, by phone, or at track. The RE website also lets fans know where its trailer will be at any given race. To learn more, visit RE here.

Corinne Economaki