James Johnson, Sales Manager at Tom Johnson Camping, says his uncle, Tom Johnson, started the business in 1968, pretty much with nothing. Now, two locations (Marion, N.C., and on Bruton Smith Blvd. in Concord) and 250 employees later, it’s a thriving recreational vehicle dealership.

Carrying more than 10 models in new inventory, Tom Johnson Camping services quite a few folks in the motorsports industry from its Concord location. So many in fact, that there is a husband-and-wife team that attends (in a motorhome of course) about 80 percent of NASCAR races to offer technical support to owners. A sales person attends about 70 percent of NASCAR races. Sales from motorsports (which includes NHRA, ALMS and World of Outlaws) can average up to 35 percent of the company’s revenue.

The owners (drivers, owners, crew chiefs) of these use these vehicles as a “home away from home” during motorsports events, and spare no expense in being comfortable. Some models can sell for as much as $2.7 MM. Yes, that’s million. The price range for inventory starts at $59,995 and goes up from there. About 60 percent of sales are new vehicles and the rest are used. Sales in a down year (2008) were about 550 units. This year, Tom Johnson Camping is on target to sell between 1,100 and 1,200 units. The average RV buyer keeps the vehicle for two to four years.

The location in Concord provides a spike in business during nearby motorsports events. Those who are camping use Tom Johnson Camping as a base and pick up necessary RV items in its store. They can also have their RV serviced at this location. One-stop RV shopping while “hooked up” in one of the Charlotte Motor Speedway campgrounds. Visit the website here.

Corinne Economaki